Swim Spas FAQs

Absolutely! TidalFit offers a range of customization options, including jet configurations, lighting, sound systems, and more.

Yes, TidalFit Swim Spas come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The exact terms and length of the warranty can vary based on the model and additional components.

Apart from fitness, TidalFit Swim Spas offer hydrotherapy benefits, which can help with muscle relaxation, joint pain relief, and improved circulation.

Yes! TidalFit Swim Spas are equipped with heating systems that allow users to adjust the water temperature, making them usable in all seasons.

TidalFit Swim Spas are designed to be energy efficient, using advanced insulation techniques and energy-saving components. The exact energy consumption will vary based on usage and model.

Just like traditional pools, TidalFit Swim Spas require regular water testing, cleaning, and chemical balancing. However, they might need less water and fewer chemicals due to their smaller size.

TidalFit Swim Spas are generally more compact than traditional pools, making them suitable for smaller spaces. However, they offer the benefit of continuous swimming thanks to the adjustable current.

TidalFit Swim Spas use powerful jets to create a steady and adjustable current, allowing users to swim in place without turning around.

A TidalFit Swim Spa is a specially designed pool that allows users to swim against a current, providing both a fitness and relaxation experience in a compact space.