What’s one of the number one things that entices vacationers to do a double-take when they see a rental listing? It’s amenities like pools and spas! Many property owners might think these extras don’t elevate a property’s potential profits, but they can. They’ll set your property apart from the rest, with potential renters imagining themselves in a luxurious hot tub!

But how exactly do these investments pay dividends in the long run? Here’s why you should consider adding a hot tub to your vacation rental.

Higher Fees Means More Money in Your Pocket

Making money on vacation rentals isn’t necessarily difficult, but breaking past a certain threshold without doing some work on the property is nearly impossible. You’ll need to add things to justify a higher cost, and a hot tub could be just the thing. 

Many vacationers would gladly pay a premium for the luxury of having their very own hot tub, so your property automatically feels and looks worth more, and you can increase the price to make more money.

Amenities Attract

The standard things everyone looks for won’t necessarily help your property stand out. However, adding a hot tub to the backyard guarantees you’ll see a boost in bookings.

It’s not often that vacationers find a high-quality hot tub included in the rental price, so there’s a good chance your vacation property will be booked quickly. Guests interested in such amenities are also likely to be reliable and able to afford a more luxurious stay.

A Flat Property Value Increase

Much like if you were to install a hot tub at your home, installing one at your vacation rental property will automatically increase the property value. It’s even better to lean into it more and create a complete backyard oasis with resort-style lighting and landscaping to match.

This attention to detail is something that will not only excite potential guests but will also boost your property value even further. And a boost in interest for a home can be just as valuable to a rental property owner.

Appeal to The Right People

There are many varieties of hot tubs out there, and each will draw attention from a particular type of person. Investing in a high-quality hot tub from a company with a good reputation, like Splash Pools and Spas is crucial. 

The Artesian Spas line is an excellent example. Their unique hot tubs fit virtually any size yard or type of person. So even if you’re working with less space than you’d like, you can check out their Garden Spas line. Each tub in this line has a design that helps you save space without sacrificing the relaxation and luxury of a beautiful hot tub.

Do you feel your rental property is better suited for those with more active lifestyles? Another option would be the TidalFit Exercise Swim Spas. These are more cost-effective alternatives to a full-size backyard pool and allow you to rest and recover or exercise and energize. Some models even have separate heaters to keep the pool portion at a lower, refreshing temperature while the hot tub portion stays cozy and warm on cooler nights.

Regardless of which model suits your needs best, rest assured many of their choices will fit your needs and budget.

Get The Most Value With a New Hot Tub from Splash

Hot tubs are where luxury meets value. No one showcases that better than Splash Pools. If you’d like to learn more about our quality hot tubs, like the Artesian Spas line, get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to chat about your vacation property’s new tub!