The best time to enjoy a pool  is when the weather is at its hottest, but the best time to buy a pool is most certainly the opposite. You may be envisioning that crystal blue oasis in your backyard in the middle of July, but if you can hold off until the end of the season, you can be rewarded handsomely for your patience. 

It can be baffling to think that the wiser choice is to have your pool installed during the winter or early spring, but take a look at the following guide to find out why that is.

Lower Installation Costs

Ask anyone who has purchased a pool during the heart of the Summer how long they had to wait to swim, and they may just laugh the question off. Peak swimming season sees pool companies with more appointment requests on their hands than there are hours in the day. 

If you choose to have your pool installed during the time of year when everyone’s pools are already closed, you won’t just have a far wider range of appointment options; you’ll get a better deal overall. Installers will try to get as many pools installed before the weather gets too cold to excavate and install vinyl liners which need to be warm to properly install. 

Materials Are Cheaper

In the same way that installation costs drop during the offseason, the cost of many of the materials required for a pool installation will be lower as well. The suppliers and manufacturers may need to clearance inventory to make room for new models, sizes, and styles. This means you can benefit and definitely get more bang for your buck.

Your Property Will Be Looking Great During Outdoor Season

It’s inevitable that your property will take a bit of a beating during your pool’s installation, and though it will definitely be well worth it, choosing to tear up your yard when there is time to plan, plant, and let everything grow will definitely give you a much more relaxing backyard oasis than a metal pool in a heap of dirt. 

Installing your pool during the winter means all the plants and the grass on your property will have some time to recover before you and your family want to be out enjoying it. You can also plan landscaping much more efficiently, plus as an added bonus, landscaping companies are normally available and ready to make a deal as well! Add that flora to the beauty of a brand-new pool, and you’ll be in paradise once late Spring and Summer arrive.

You Won’t Be Pressed for Time

The pool installation process takes some time, but it’s never something you want to rush. If you choose to have your pool installed during swim season, you may feel pressured to make quick decisions, and your pool installers may feel pressured to get the job done as fast as possible.

A winter installation means you can stop and think about all of the different variables involved in your new pool, which means it will come out exactly as you want it. Your installers will also have the luxury of some extended time to make sure they get the job done right.

Your Pool Will Be Ready for the Upcoming Swimming Season

Considering the investment you’ll be making to install a pool on your property, you’ll definitely want to put it to good use as quickly as possible. Installing during swimming season, however, can leave you scurrying to get your new pool swim-ready so you don’t lose out on time. Avoid that hassle by having it installed before the season even begins.

Other Considerations with an Offseason Install

Of course, just as there are significant benefits to having your pool installed during the cold months, there are some potential disadvantages to consider, as well, such as:

Frozen Ground

Installing an inground pool during the winter may mean working with frozen ground, which can pose a number of issues. You may want to avoid the absolute coldest time of the year for your installation, even if it makes for the cheapest option on paper, because that frozen ground may extend install times and up your labor costs as a result.

There May Be Delays

While you do have plenty of time to have a pool installed if you choose to do so in the offseason, you should keep in mind that any inclement weather may bring about delays that can cause that time to dwindle. Vinyl liners and ground excavation need certain temperatures to be installed correctly. 

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