Cover Valet Spa Side Step

This innovative spa side step combines safety, function, and style, ensuring easy hot tub access. It features durability, UV-protection, adjustable non-slip tread, and versatile colors.

Product Description

Introducing the Cover Valet Spa Side Step – an innovative amalgamation of safety, function, and style, created to enhance your hot tub experience. This masterfully crafted step ensures easy access in and out of your spa with a touch of elegance. Built from blow-molded high-density polyethylene, it promises longevity, UV-protection, and the ability to withstand weight, impact, and inclement weather. A unique feature is its reversible non-slip textured tread design, that can be adjusted to fit both square and round spas. The Spa Side Step is not just easy to assemble but also blends with any spa decor owing to its versatile color range.