Carvin Colorado


Product Description

The Colorado model is a richer, darker version of weathered wood. Its combination of browns and sandy tones will add vintage-style authenticity to your space.

  • Adjustable Ledges Covers
  • Thick & Robust Ledges
  • High Quality Walls
  • Integrated Wire Tube Management
  • Strong Feet Connexion
  • Snap in Uprights
  • Stable & High Wall Rails
  • Superior Quality Robust Structure
  • Sophisticated & Contemporary Design

Height Available: 52"

Round Sizes: 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30', 33'

Standard Kit Includes

  • 25 mil Lacoste Tile Line with 25 Year Warranty
  • Cellular Media Filter
  • Blue Torrent Pump 2 Speed
  • Deluxe Skimmer
  • Maintenance Equipment Includes: Vacuum Pole, Vacuum Head and Vacuum Hose
  • Deluxe Step Ladder Combo
Pool Kit
Pool Kit
Pool Kit
Pool Kit
Pool Kit
Pool Kit
Pool Kit
Pool Kit

Financing Options

Term and interest rate based on the purchase price and credit score.

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