Frog Leap System

Convert from Chlorine, Salt, Biguanide or any other system previously used and we will give you a Frog Leap System FREE*!


Now, keeping the water in your pool or spa fresh and clean without a ton of work or a ton of chlorine is easy with King Technology’s FROG® pool products. FROG products are the only Fresh Mineral Water™ systems designed to keep your pool water cleaner, clearer, and softer, while cutting your chlorine use by up to 50%*.

FROG® products Fresh Mineral Water™ systems use a patented EPA approved mineral formula along with a low dose of chlorine to kill bacteria. And FROG® products come in convenient pre-filled containers so there’s no need to measure or touch harsh chemicals.

King Technology’s FROG® pool products are available for pools and spas of all sizes and construction types. From small soft-sided above ground pools to in-ground pools up to 40,000 gallons, there is a Fresh Mineral Water™ system to keep your pool clean and clear all summer long. Designed for hot tubs up to 600 gallons, FROG® Spa products are perfect for portable hot tubs, stand alone in-ground spas, swim spas, or those connected to an in-ground swimming pool.

Spend less time maintaining your pool or spa and more time enjoying cleaner, clearer, softer water with King Technology’s FROG® pool products.

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Traditional water care systems, including saltwater systems, can damage your skin, your swimsuit and your pool or spa surfaces and equipment – not to mention keeping your water clean and clear takes a lot of time and work.

Fresh Mineral Water™ systems offer a better way. An EPA approved blend of sanitizing minerals along with a low level of chlorine or bromine kills bacteria completely. It also helps maintain pH balance for clearer water with 50% less chlorine or bromine.

Minerals also condition the water to make it softer, so it’s easier on your skin and on your pool or spa. And, with less chemicals used, there’s no harsh odor or fading swimsuits. Plus Fresh Mineral Water™ systems are easier to use with pre-filled containers so you never have touch or measure chemicals.

Choose Fresh and Pass on Salt

Fresh Mineral Water™ systems are a better option. If you’re considering a saltwater pool or converting your traditional system to saltwater to reduce your exposure to chlorine and chemicals, here are a few points to consider:

  • A saltwater pool is not chlorine free. These systems use electricity to convert pool salt to chlorine that keeps the water
    clean, just like the chlorine you add to traditional pools.
  • Saltwater pools are not low maintenance. They require more frequent monitoring of pH levels and regular doses of muriatic
    acid added because salt cells require it frequently for cleaning. Chlorine levels are difficult to maintain; plus, salt levels that
    are too low or too high can damage equipment.
  • Saltwater pools are expensive. Saltwater chlorinators range from several hundred to several thousand dollars to purchase
    and install. Plus, salt cells that average $500 each need to be replaced every few years.
  • Salt corrodes surfaces on or around your pool or spa leaving stains, pitting and eventually unrepairable damage to metal
    ladders or diving boards, metal fencing or pool frames, copper heating elements, light covers and other surfaces.

For cleaner, clearer, softer water and less work for you, Fresh Mineral Water™ systems are a better choice than saltwater.